We wanted to say a special thank you to you opening your home and heart and sharing the product of your passion and skills. The garden and house tour was the unexpected highlight of our day and we thank you for the personalized tour. Best wishes to you and Tony on your new venture. Your design skills are amazing and sharing them with us is so greatly appreciated.
Thanks again! We will never drive by your "gem in the woods" without thinking about the precious contents. ... A & R

It is impossible to describe in words the beauty and elegance of this place. Tony and Jerry have designed this inn in such a way that I felt surrounded by history and luxury -- almost as though we had travelled to another country... We were also treated to a lovely tour of the entire inn. Each room took our breath away.They know how to decorate! If you want a place to go and relax, be pampered, and live with a smile, this is a place you should definitely check out. ...E.S.

Hello from the land of enchantment and the land of Georgia O'Keefe!
We were so lucky to find your Inn on a dark Sunday night! It was such a pleasure to enjoy your gracious hospitality! We were so tired that night and needed some pampering and reassurances. Thank you! I have told so many people of our unexpected find. We slept well and feasted for breakfast!
Thank you again for a delightful experience! ...K. M.

After Tony's kind and gracious tour yesterday, I can not tell you what a pleasure it was, in a world obsessed w/Pottery Barn to discover true design on so many levels.
Because this is what you and it comes so natural to each of you, you may not realize how speechless normal people become. God gives each of us special gifts, thank you working endlessly to pursue yours. ... D.T.

I just have to write and tell you that I'm now dreaming about that condo. You don't need my accolades, as I am sure you have received plenty of acclaim for your accomplishment. But you deserve a huge congratulations for what you produced. I felt like [we] were with THE Rock Star as you accompanied us through the show house. Every surface, every minute detail, every not-boring ceiling, was a lesson in exquisite design and taste; there wasn't a thing with which I would not love to live.

You guys do excellent work we could not be happier.

Every idea that Jerry Rippetoe has is like being under the "spell of magic!" We don't know how he does it, but he can make the most ordinary room a show stopper. If you are looking for the finest, most elegant, classy decor....look no further. Jerry will win your heart every time. He is wonderful to work with and will dazzle you every time. ...M.S.

I have to tell you that what you have done with the interior of this home is mind-blowing. From cabinets to tile, countertops, wallpaper and furnishings, it is all unbelievable.
I am so happy that you are doing this project with us. I think you are great and very talented men. I have never met anyone with such passion and drive and spunk as you two. It is an honor and a pleasure to get to work with you.

A few weeks ago my husband and I were enjoying a day trip to Ogunquit and Wells. As we passed your property we looked at each other and knew we had to turn around. The enterance was too warm and welcoming to drive by.
Just as each new day brings the promise of a sweet surpirse, we owe you the courtesy of thanking you for the very sweet surprise you bestowed upon us by permitting us access to your stunning home and property.
It is abundantly clear that your exquisite taste and love for life can be seen and felt in every corner and every square inch of your unforgettable Heaven on Earth. Delta is the luckiest little dog we know! ... J.H.

My daughter-in-law and i were in your store today and I just want to thank you for taking the time to show all your paintings and for the gift you gave me. I just want you to know the best part of this day was the time we spent in your store. ...E.

...I wanted you to know how much I love the couch and the chairs! I didn't get to sit in either until early this morning, wow I love those club chairs! The couch is equally as comfortable. The fabrics are precisely what we wanted for that room as well. Also the bedroom wallpaper is fantastic and the drapes just make the room complete. ...Thank you for interpreting our taste and "wants" so accurately. So far everything is just great. ... J.F.

Thank you for taking time out of a busy weekend to show us around your beautiful property. (It was so amazing)! It was extremely enjoyable for us both and simply made our day!
Your kindness and generosity was above what most people generally have to give and it made both our hearts smile all the way back to the Cape.
We look forward to seeing you again soon and please know that your thoughtfulness will always be remembered. ... D & D

What a wonderful shop. It has the most beautiful custom made furniture. The owners design the furniture and have it made by several artisans in the area. They even have a gallery in back with original paintings by Tony. We went through the house and were shown rooms that they have opened as a bed and breakfast. ...P. L.

...Yesterday I had a GREAT compliment on my furnishings in my house that I want to pass along. I am putting the Farm up for sale now and I had G.S., a real estate agency partner come to look at the house last week. She greatly admired many of the furnishings and said the house felt warm and wonderful, but when she came last night, she said she had a thought that made her think of you and Tony at the Sign of the Goose ... and did I know of you!!! - at which point we had a great time going room to room with me pointing out everything that you helped me with!!! It totaled up to at least 90 percent of everything in this house and I still can't thank you enough for taking me on as a client. You have enhanced the pleasure of my living here throughout the years I've known you, and I just want to say thanks again ...L.K.

We really loved visiting you last summer and deeply appreciate the tour of your personal home and property.
I was impressed to see my husband took an interest in your designs and shop and was so captivated by your talents. [He] has his own sense of style and is so particular, believe me when I say you held his attention! That is not easy to do! We had fun!

Thanks so much, again. You guys are Great! ... N&L S

I want to thank you for showing your prize collections to Donna & me. The inn was amazing. My first impressions as I entered was WOW! I felt I was taken to a new level of decor. Your taste is exquisite. You & Tony are professional designers. I hope to pass this special experience & info on to a few people that really appreciate fine art. Thanks again for taking the time to show what you really love. Say hi to Porsche.

My husband and I went to Tj's this past weekend. We knew what we wanted, Jerry was very kind in helping us out, and can only say that he is great at what he does and was very generous! We have visited the shop a few times before, the decor is exquisite, and it is an event just to visit!!! Go, you will love it!!!! P.S. Love their dog, she's a sweetie! ...D.B.

You are such a talented artist and shared some very insightful information about numerous pieces in your shop. You did this althought I'm sure you knew we're of modest means. Yet, you treated us Royally. You also quietly observed Mom's interest in a ... dried flower arrangment. To her amazement, as we were leaving, you asked her to pick one out and gave it to her. You would have thought you gave her the world. That one very simple act ...truly touched her heart and mine. ...P.H.

It takes a lot to make me jump up and down! This table is magnificent -- I love it. It is in the same room as the wonderfully deep 3-drawer chest I got from you. So the room is well on it's way ... I.F.

These are Beautiful, Romantic, Exceptionally GORGEOUS! I could envision what they would look like up but oh, it's even more fabulous! Perfect measurements, perfect everything. ...L

I had visited the store many times as they have exquisite furniture and accessories....I recently moved and thought I would have them come and give me some direction in decorating my home. They got my taste immediately. They transformed my home with their amazing talent and great style, from exquisite fabrics to comfortable furniture , rugs and accessories that make the rooms, to the lamps and chandeliers that enhance the lighting. I love to come home! They are amazing and made the whole experience fun and exciting. ...J

This shop was recommended by several friends of mine in Connecticut. The two owners were very gracious and helpful to me. I purchased a few "one of a kind" pieces of furniture that are amazing and picked out a few for my husband and family to purchase for Christmas for me. The quality and workmanship is exceptional. ...P.L.

My husband and I have been doing business with TJ's at the Sign of the Goose for several years now. We have always been thrilled with the choices and quality of work provided by Jerry Rippetoe and Tony Sienicki, the owners of TJ's. ... They have decorated our homes and made it a real joy to be able to come home and be surrounded by things that really make us feel comfortable and look peaceful and inviting. When my sister saw our home redecorated she said,"If I lived here I would never leave!" ... M.S.

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