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Golden Small Square Tray

A delicate Chinese figure is centered on the 4" x 4" tray. Scott Potter's gold gilding decoupage suits a tabletop or a frame, as we show in the rectangular tray we also offer.


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Small Rectangular Gold Tray

Shown here framed, this 3" x 7" tray in gold gilding has a richly detailed Chinese figure. Equally striking on it's own.

$29.00 Tray alone

$295.00 Tray in frame


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Palm Motif Gold Tray

A versatile size: 6.5" x 12.5"; the colors are more restrained but the combination with gold gilding is stunning


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Moon Vase - Hydrangea

Gold gilding on glass with decoupaged hydrangea motifs as only Scott Potter can create. Vase spening is oval shaped.

Dimensions: 6" high x 8" wide x 3" deep



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Scott Potter Candle Holders

Bold columnar silhouettes in three sizes are finished with magnolia motifs on Potter's signature gold gilding base. Uses 4" wide pillar candles.

Dimensions: Small 8" x 5 1/2" diam. base; Medium 13" height x 6 1/2" diam. base; Tall 18" ht. x 13" diameter base.





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Scott Potter Iris Bowl in Decoupage

Iris & Dogwood Bowl by Scott Potter

Eternally spring, this decoupage bowl by renowned artist Scott Potter features irises, yellow dogwood flowers and foliage swirled around a striking and versatile bowl form. The decoupage is on a white resin base. Handmade in Potter's Maine studio.

Dimensions: 21" wide x 12" high


Iris Bowl Detail


Scott Potter Mercury and Psyche

Palm Vase with Mercury & Psyche Motif

This classic theme of Mercury carrying Psyche back to Olympus is reinterpreted by Scott Potter in decoupage on a white resin ground. The statuesque proportions and elegant black and white artwork make this versatile piece work for dramatic flowers or alone, as a commanding accent piece.

We show both sides of the vase.

Dimensions: 20" High x 7.5" Wide


Palm Vase by Scott Potter

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Vase with Amaryllis Motifs

Regal amaryllis blooms and stalks on a gold gilding base.

Dimensions: 16" tall x 11" across


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Neptune Palm Vase

Decoupage by Scott Potter from his new Hearst Castle Collection. Seahorses and scallop shells on his signature gold gilding base. We offer three sizes. Be sure to see our award-winning presentation at Tablescapes with these dramatic vases as center attraction!

$869.00  20" ht x 7 1/2"   ORDER Small

$1089.00 24" high x 71/2"  ORDER Medium

$1749.00 28" ht x 8 1/4"  ORDER Tallest


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Ginger Vase with Tulips

Tulip motif on gold gilding base.

Dimensions: 8 1/2" opening x 12" wide x 10" high


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Trumpet Vase with Peaches

A dramatic trumpet vase silhouette with peaches and foliage on gold gilding glass base.

Dimensions: 16" tall 8" opening with a 4" footprint


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Vase with Apples and Apple Blossoms

Scott Potter's graceful vase is embellished with apples and apple blossoms in decoupage. A glass base with Scott's signature gold gilding finish.

Dimensions: 15" tall x 10" wide at widest point;
5 3/4" opening


Scott Potter Vase

Scott Potter Orchids

Golden splendors from Scott Potter. Decoupage like non-other uses 8 layers of gold gilding on glass and is embellished with a richly detailed orchids. Fabricated in Italy.

Dimensions: 16" tall; 12" diameter at the widest point. The top of the piece is finished a shallow curved bowl-like inset. Perfect, of course, for an orchid!


Scott Potter Vase Detail

Scott Potter Vase 2 at tj's

Scott Potter Golden Tower

A towering achievement by Scott Potter in gold leaf decoupage on glass's. Eight layers of gold gilding are the backdrop for an arrangement of golden fish and floral motifs. Fabricated in Italy.

Dimensions: 22" high; 18" diameter at top; 8' diameter at the base.The top of the piece is finished a shallow curved bowl-like inset.


Scott Potter Vase

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