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One of the secrets of tj's ambiance in our stores and in our showrooms is our collection of lamps and lighting fixtures.

Many of our lights are configured from unique base and shade combinations that we find in the course of our global travels.

More than just a pretty base, our lighting is built with solid brass fixtures, most have three way lamp settings and the shade frames are custom made to our specifications.

The pièce de résistance are the "couture quality" silk shades! The fabric and finishing have the elegance and fastidious tailoring of truly fine dressmaking.


Lamp Photo

Golden Pedestal Lamp

Another tj's creation! This dramatic, curved pedestal base is finished with gold and silverleaf that bring out the prominent detailing. The base is made of heavy, dense wood -- it is no pushover! Our signature couture black silk shade with finial completes this stately piece. Remarkably, it can tuck into a corner with a small table as we show here or serve as a room-defining accent.

Dimensions: Height: 47"; Base: 17" wide x 13" deep. Shade: 18" wide x 13" deep.


Golden Lamp

Main image here Antique Glass Globe Table Lamps

These dramatic lamps make a strong statement with their proportions and mix of quality materials. First, the silk shades, handmade here in Maine, have a majestic presence all their own. We discovered these 1920s Art Deco glass bases in Europe and then redirected them into these magnificent lamps. All new wiring is completed under our supervision.

While they are available individually--trust us-- you will wish you had both! Note the size, they make quite a pair.

Dimensions: 46" high x shade width 22" x base width 12"

$3500.00 each


Glass Globe Lamp

Main image here

Japanese Figurine Lamps

These meditative and beautifully sculpted bronzes were discovered on our recent travels. We "re-directed' them -- marrying them to a beautiful wooden base with goldleaf accents. The silk shade is a work of art in itself; the armature is handbuilt and the covering is handsewn by our coutourier upholsterer in New Hampshire.

$2995.00 each If purchasing one, please specify male or female. Female is shown at left. Both are shown in alternate view.

Dimensions: 39" to top of finial x 14" wide base. (Note the hinged support as shown in the alternate view.)


Japanese Lamps Detail

Main image here

Greyhound Lamp

The elegant poise of a greyhound is captured in bronze and mounted on a marble base. We also offer an opposing (left-facing) version for a dramatic pair. Silk shades are handmade to tj's exacting specifications. Perfect for a library, den or living room.

Dimensions: 34" to top of finial; shade 19" wide x 16 3/4" deep; lamp base is 18" wide x 13" deep.

(Note the hinged support as shown in the alternate view.)

$2995.00 each. Also available as pairs with opposing greyhounds.


Main image here

Deco Lamps

Even more graceful and statuesque than it appears in this photo! Hand crafted in Maine. The wooden base is glazed black with 23k gold leaf accents. Our couture silk shade is designed and handmade in New Hampshire. (Note, shade is one sided.) The soft lines and warm amber tones blend beautifully with a variety of interiors.

Dimensions: 24" total ht.; shade is 19" wide, base is 13" wide x 5" deep x 8" high.

$2000.00 each.  

Main image here

Chinese Musician Lamp

A porcelain Italian Chinese musician figure is paired with an equisite 'couture' silk shade and reconfigured by us into this richly detailed table lamp. The photos here do not do justice to the rich coloring and mix of materials. The wooden base has gold leaf accents.

Dimensions: 26" tall, shade width 14.5", base width 10"
(Note the hinged support as shown in the alternate view.)



Chinese Musician Lamp Detail

Main image here

Equestrian Lamp

An elegant horse sillhouette with chiseled features is created in cast iron and is finished with a cream patina. The horse rests on a black wood base. A black silk shade is lined with a gold-toned silk - giving a warm aura when lit.

Dimensions: height to top of finial: 36", horse width: 20" height to top of horse is 16"; shade is 24" x 14" and is 11" high.

$ 1850.00

Alternate View

Lamp DetailCarved Hurricane Lamp

Yes, we occasionally have a strong Nor'easter or three here in Maine, and hurricane lamps are part of any well-equiped cottage's furnishings. But a well-appointed cottage or home will welcome this version with a hand-carved base and a tall fluted hand-blown Italian glass shade.

Dimensions: 28" height; 10" base diameter; glass alone height is 20". We suggest a 4" pillar candle.

$ 1062.50.


Lamp Detail

Main image here

Swan Lamps

Rarely do we see a light fixture with the grace of a sculpture that emits a truly unique quality of light. Bronze and marble are combined in the base and the shades are carved marble. Light is emitted through the shade and also is directed upward similar to a torchiere.

Dimensions: 24" tall x 9" wide (base); 6 1/2" front to back on base; 5 1/2" across top of shade.



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