Italian Carved Fruit

Italian Carved Fruit

Visitors to our shop always stop at our overflowing display of Italian carved marble and alabaster fruit. Besides their luminous natural colors, the rendering of the shapes has a sculptural quality that makes them stand apart from any other versions. One of our most popular decor offerings, our customers invariably buy a group. Even 3 or 4 pieces, set on a tray, make a simple, elegant statement. We offer the most popular fruits here, but let us know if another fruit strikes your fancy.


Italian Marble Fruit

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Peaches & Apricots

Sculpted marble, handpainted peaches, capturing the beauty of the perfect August day. Is any other combination of yellow, orange and pink as exquisite?

The smaller fruit is the apricot.



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Carved alabaster, each grape is wired together and the cluster is finished with a wooden vine. We offer two sizes: Large (shown in taupe) & Giant (shown in green). The alternate photo shows large and giant side by side. The giant size is noticeably larger and is, hands down, the bestseller.

Dimensions: Large: 11" l x 5.5" w x 5" ht.
Giant: 13"l x 7" w x 7"ht.

Select color in cart: white, yellow, orange, green, red, purple, taupe.

$297.00 Giant Grape Cluster   

$125.50  Large Grape Cluster 


Grapes alt viewGrape colors

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The subtle colors and textures of ripe pears are captured in the three varieties we offer, (L to R in photo) Yellow Bartlett, Red Anjou and Bosc/Gourd (oversized and carved from Carrera marble).

Store visitors always notice the gourd pear group we have on display on a tray. We offer the same tray here as well.

$41.00 Yellow Bartlett 4.5"ht x 2.5"w  

$41.00 Red Anjou 4.5"ht x 2.5"w  

$98.00 Gourd (Bosc) 7" ht x 3.5"w  

$137.50 Bronze Tray 16"l x 5"w   


Pears alt view

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Farmer's Market Apple

A beautiful bowl of apples, also seen next to our Yellow Bartlett Pear. Offered in large and medium. In the photo you see the medium and large sizes next to each other. Carved marble and handpainted in Italy. Dimensions:

$58.00   Large Apple  

$37.50   Medium Apple 


Apple photo


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Lemon, Lime, Orange

Carved marble, handpainted in Italy. These delightful, life-sized citrus fruits will brighten any decor assemblage. Of course we recommend them surrounded by our other Italian fruits, but these are beautiful on their own. Dimensions: lemon 3.25" L; lime 3" L; tangerine 2.5" diam.; orange 3" diam.

$38.00 Lemon

$38.00 Lime   

$38.00 Tangerine - Medium   

$50.00 Orange - Large    


Citrus Group photo Citrus Group v3 photo

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Offered in both green and ripe yellow.

$46.50    Banana - Ripe Yellow  

$55.00    Banana - Yellow/Green  

$41.00    Banana - Smaller size (at top left)  

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Lifesize, luscious cherries that are everlasting. You'll want a bowl-full!


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Almonds & Walnuts

These diminutive, sculpted nuts have a surprising depth of color and texture. Both nut types are in the shell; almonds are the smooth, pale aqua nut. Dimensions are lifesize.

$21.00   Almonds  

$21.00   Walnuts  

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Figs - Closed

We offer figs in a variety of shapes. We also offer figs that are opened.

Indicate your color preference in the shopping cart.

Fig - Closed Medium $37.50     

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Figs - Open View

Life-size and life-like, this sculpted fig displays the richly colored seeds and fruit of ripe figs. Note the generous size: these are 4" long. We offer figs with smaller slits and those with a larger slit and more seeds.

$41.50  Small Split Fig  

$65.00   Larger Split Fig w/ seeds  


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Baroque Planter

Classic with the unexpected. That is the essence of the Baroque--and this grand planter certainly meets that definition. The ordered sculptural segments and textural fluorishes are washed with an audacious orange glaze. Give an unruly fern or ivy a new home and create an eye-catching piece for your sideboard or orangerie.

Handmade in Italy of glazed terracotta.

Dimensions: 21" wide x 13" high


Main image here

Putti Planter

A putto is Italian for the sweet, usually plump, angel figures that adorn Baroque and Rocco decorative arts. The putti (plural) on this oval planter capture this classic and exuberant spirit. Note the dimensions--this will make a statement in any decor. Shown here with Tony's selection, an Arctic Fern.

Glazed Terracotta in gold and white; handmade in Italy.

34" wide x 13" high


Main image here

Crystal Bird's Nest Bowl

Our frosted crystal bowl is hand crafted in California. Inside the nest are three large, gold leaf eggs! The photo of this piece on our Red Lacquered Table gives a sense of the scale of this piece-- it is really a sculpture.

Of course we're partial to golden eggs, they have been part of tj's logo for years!

Dimensions: 16" diameter x 5" deep


Alternate View

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Bronze Hunter & Bloodhound

This is a contemporary English bronze piece of a traditional hunter and bloodhound. Richly detailed (note the pheasant hanging on the hunter) with a classic bronze patina. This piece will set the tone for a special den, library or study. We display it in our Gameroom in the tj's Showhouse.

Dimensions: Height: 26" Base: 12" x 18"


Alternate View

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Bassett Hound

For the dog lover (and you know who you are), a charming bronze on a marble base. Another piece that adds a special touch to a den or study.

Dimensions: 11 1/2" long x 6 1/4" wide


alternate view


Goldleaf SculptureGolden Flight

Handmade, gold leaf finish, this sculpture captures the energy of flight. An original design by Tony Sienicki. A dramatic interior piece or a luminous weathervane.

Dimensions: Large: 6ft. length; Small: 3ft. length, 15" depth. Note: each piece is custom made to order.

$ 6000. Large as weathervane

$ 2500. Small - as sculpture

Goldleaf Sculpture

Fish SculptureFish & Ball Sculpture

Sculpture or weathervane, your choice.

Larger than you think, this handmade, gold leaf piece has a fluid grace that adds distinction in any exterior placement. Includes both fish and ball. [Weathervane directionals may be added for an extra charge.] Note: custom made to order.

Dimensions: approximately 4.5 ft. high

$ 7000.



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