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For years we have provided residential interior design services to discriminating clients throughout New England. tj's can develop a total concept and design a space plan to incorporate your treasured pieces along with our custom-made furnishings created by skilled local craftsmen and artisans. Each room setting is designed with beautiful wall finishes and ceiling details--from dramatic draperies to opulent window treatments and the added touch of unique accessory pieces.

Professional design services can make an impact throughout the entire house or just one room. tj's has handsomely-designed lamps, original and production art choices, and stylish outdoor furnishing. You'll find many of our exquisite items for sale online. If you live away from here, we can ship.

What has made tj's design services so successful is our total dedication to the project: from the initial design to the satisfactory conclusion. Whether for a room, a custom upholstery piece, a window, or an entire house, we have extensive experience working with the finest manufacturers and materials on large and small scale projects.

Perhaps an image from the photos on this web site will inspire an idea! Browse through the interior design galleries — all from our recent work. We love to share ideas with visitors and compare notes about the unique collections on our grounds. In addition, we tirelessly comb all the major markets to find furniture, textiles, fine arts, and one-of-a-kind decorative pieces.

After in-depth consultations, we develop a collection of colors, swatches, and finishes for your project. From there, we bring the ideas to life as we design, order and finally, supervise the installation of all the project components.

We adhere to the strictest standards of quality. This extends to our policy of personally supervising the delivery and installation of all orders related to your residential design project.

Call and ask about a design consultation. Or, visit us in Cape Neddick and view the unique interiors we show by appointment only. A dramatic window treatment, a tranquil seating arrangement, a unique collection of sculptures — any source can spark an exciting project.

Recent Work Renderings and Floor Plans

Concept Boards for Fabric and Color

  • Tjs Concepts Lg-1
  • Tjs Concepts Lg-2
  • Tjs Concepts Lg-3
  • Tjs Concepts Lg-4
  • Tjs Concepts Lg-6
  • Tjs Concepts Lg-7

Custom Designs from tj's

This special section is a showcase for the products created with our own design and materials specifications. Many of our customers do not realize how many of our items are truly unique. Click on any image for a sampling of 'originals' in our furniture, lighting and garden offerings.

  • Custom Design Mirror
  • Custom Fluted Pedestal Table - side view
  • Original design to display owner's antique Chippendale tray
  • Mahogany Table - made in Maine
    Another spectacular made in Maine table stops at our shop for inspection before heading south. Mahogany with gold leaf.
  • Mahoganysideboard
  • Goldgoosewvane
  • Fishwvanegold
  • Carp V2
  • Lampdancer V1




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